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De Rock-Jungle Living is not very far from some of the major cities of South India and is easily accessible once you touch down at Bangalore, Chennai, Mysore or Coimbatore.

Driving down from these cities (except Chennai) could be a scenic and thoroughly enjoyable way to reach us, although there are other ways of getting here as well.


Calicut International Airport: 160 KM

Bangalore International Airport: 250 KM

Coimbatore International Airport: 150 KM

Cochin International Airport: 270 KM


Calicut (Kerala), Bangalore (Karnataka) , Coimbatore (Tamilnadu) , Cochin (Kerala), Mysore (karnataka) & Ooty (Tamilnadu)

From Calicut:

By Road: From Calicut > Manjeri > Nilambur > Vazhikadavu > a few hairpin bends will take you to Gudalur proceed to Mudhumalai > Thepakadu > Masinagudi

De ROCK- Jungle Living Holiday Resorts is located within a 4 km radius of the Masinagudi town


By Road: Bangalore (Karnataka) is 250km from De ROCK- Jungle Living Holiday Resorts, with a driving time of approximately 5 hours. On the way you pass through the historic city of Mysore and the twin sanctuaries of Bandipur and Mudumalai. This is probably the easiest way to get here.

By Bus :There are many Ooty bound buses that leave Bangalore at periodic intervals - morning, afternoon and evening. Please check local timings at the KSRTC Bus Stand in Bangalore.

By Train : There are many passenger trains shuttling between Bangalore & Mysore. Check local departure timings. It is preferable to take a taxi from Mysore to Masinagudi.

From Coimbatore:

By Road: Coimbatore is 150km from De ROCK-Jungle Living Holiday Resorts, Masinagudi. Approximate driving time by car is 5 hours. Get onto the Mettupalayam road and from there hit the Ghats going up to Coonoor. One passes through some breathtaking views of the tea plantations and the valleys and the adjoining plains below.

By Train: Alternatively you can take a train to Mettupalyam, from where you can catch the renowned 'Toy Train' up to Ooty. Seats on the right provide some great views as you pass through plantations, waterfalls, etc,.

At a height of 2,600m stands Udhagamandalam (Ooty) the Queen of Hill Stations. connected to Mettupalayam by the 'Nilgiri toy train'.

The construction of this line was a big challenge as the terrain is rather tricky. It was in 1854 that the first plans were drawn to build a mountain railway from Mettupalayam to the Nilgiri Hills But it was a good 45 years later in 1899 that the first train chugged up this track. This railway is widely regarded as a marvel of engineering. The train itself is a charming blue and cream one with wooden coaches and large windows. It is hauled uphill by steam engines, designed and built by the Swiss Locomotive Works. Twelve of such locomotive engines survive even today.

The train covers the 46 km journey to Udhagamandalam in four - and - half hours. There are five stations between Mettupalayam and Coonoor - Kallar, Adderley, Hill Grove, Runnymede and Kateri - and, at one time, there were five between Coonoor and Ooty too. Though Wellington, Aruvakadu, Ketti, and Lovedale are still functional, Fern Hill, the last one, was closed down a few years ago.

Extensive rice fields surround the 7 km stretch between Mettupalayam and Kallar. Soon after it is an impressive 21 km section through a truly rocky terrain. The track passes over 26 viaducts, and twists and bends through 13 tunnels. After a steep climb, the train enters Coonoor, the little hill station known for its tea plantations. From here, the track is uphill till you reach Fern Hill at a height of 2,218m, the highest point on the railroad. Shortly before Ooty, the line dips downhill. If you enjoy taking pictures, keep your camera ready for a few shots of the viaduct between Kallar and Adderley.

This ride is sure to turn the most hardened rail critic into an avid fan. You'll delight in the edge - of -the - seat twists and turns as the train runs cross tall girder bridges, and over green hills before gently meandering through rolling tea estates. The exhaust beat of the loco never falters, maintaining a deafening staccato which can be heard for miles around. Truly, a journey to remember.

From Cochin:

By Road: From Cochin > Trichur > Nilambur > Vazhikadavu > Gudalur. Proceed to Mudhumalai > Thepakadu > Masinagudi. De ROCK- Jungle Living Holiday Resorts is located within a 4 km radius of the Masinagudi town. The Road is covered by the thick rain forests of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

By Bus: Get onto a bus to Trichur. Ask for Mysore Bus (Via Nilumbur & Gudalur) Time Chart displayed on bus stand or ask for KSRTC help counter.

From Mysore:

By Road: Mysore (Karnataka) is 105km from De ROCK-Jungle Living Holiday Resorts and a driving time of 2 hours maximum. The road takes you through both Bandipur and Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuaries.

By Bus: Buses abound to Ooty by the hour at regular intervals. Drop in to Thepakadu and call us for help

From Ooty:

By Road: Actually Masinagudi is near Ooty. Ooty is 30 km distance from De ROCK-Jungle Living, Masinagudi : Get on to the Ooty; turn right onto the Kalahatti (Segur Ghat) road, which is also the Ooty - Mysore 'shortcut'. One word of caution - This winding road has 36 hairpin bends and is the steepest in South India. DRIVE WITH CARE - Approx. driving time from Ooty: 45 min to one hour.